Korg’s new Minilogue XD starts off 2019 with a bang!

Now then, if anyone has seen my instagram stories it’s no secret that I love my korg Minilogue & Monologue – like they are just fucking mint for the price and what you get out of them, now because I lost my synth virginity to the Minilogue it’s no wonder it has a special place in me heart…

And then I hear of an upgraded version is soon to be upon us…  naturally I was as keen as a sesh goblin looking for a bag at an afterparty…

So it has 3 VCO’s (Voltage Control Oscillator) – 2 of which are from the OG the “third” is the new “digital multi-engine” Which give options such as a morphing wave table , VPM (variable phase modulation) – similar to old fm synths / analog modeled waveforms – and 4 Different types of noise all of that and its OPEN SOURCE meaning you can download custom wavetables & create your own waves! I suspect anyone looking to literally create “their own sound” will be wanking over this.

Next up is that knob, you know the alpha and omega knob which controls the filter. Now first thing I noticed is that they changed it from the biggun off the minilogue to the small one like on the monologue (knob heads… I like the big one) – anyway more importantly it’s been revoiced & has a new drive function pre filter! So you can add drive, overtones and i’m guessing a shit ton of harmonics – Happy Days.

FX section – Now like most of the birds these days seeking a confidence boost via lip fillers and instagram filters, the Minilogue XD has had one in the form of 3 units of stereo 32 bit floating point base DSP (WTF??). Including a mod effect which can be a Phaser, Flanger, Chorus or ensemble (if you like 80’s sounding poly synths). A delay of either Tape, Ping Pong or Stereo Delays. Finally a reverb of either Spring, Plate, Room, Hall or non linear to get down with which can all be… wait for it…. Run simultaneously. This opens up the doors for big fuck off sounds all in one beautifully shaped robust box.

Sequencer – now the original G’s over at korg are giving the best of both worlds when it comes to their new sequencer – the Minilogue’s 4 voice polyphonic, the Monologue’s step motion & puts them together – this really gives you the opportunity to create some complicated voice mode sequenced leads & percussive synthesis (so you’re getting a drum machine as well essentially)

Voicemodes – Returning from the Mini we have voice modes including Polyphonic, Unison, Chord & my favorite the Arpeggiator – which 1 more time can be… go on… have a geuss… run at the same time as the sequencer! This will provide endless fun and should spark new ideas when jamming! (I’m sold take my cash please, quicker!)

Connectivity – All the usual stuff really, stereo out (left acting as mono) = 2 x ¼ jacks, headphone = 1 x ¼ jack, USB (midi),  MIDI 5 Pin in & out, sync in & out (3.5 jack or small headphone jack) But there is an addition for the modular heads in the gaff… 2 x C.V inputs (control voltage) so you can send mod signals from your modular into the XD to modulate ANY of the XD’s parameters – which is pretty fucking cool.

“Callum you bald cunt” I hear people shouting into their screen “tell me how much one has to part with to obtain such electronic bliss and when will it be upon us…”

Rumors circulating online that it’s going to be with us winter of this year at $649 (£504). If you can’t wait that long then it can be shipped from over the pond now but shipping costs are as large as my ears so may as well wait until the UK retailers have them..

I found a video (there’s a few now) online of a geezer from Sweetwater just playing it and twisting knobs, seeing what he can get out of it for a good 25 mins, some extremely impressive sounds – for the ones who, like me, sit and watch this kinda gear day in day out.

Article written by Cal Johnstone