The German wizards are in beta with live 10.1, here’s the 2 features that really caught our attention …

New automation features:

This is a fucking big one for me personally. I do a shit ton of automation on my leads, we now have a bunch of automation shapes to choose from, as well as the ability to stretch and skew automation, enter values with the numerical keypad (no more tedious zooming in and careful cursor movements), and easier access to clip modulation in Session View. Live now also detects curved movements inside automation and can merge multiple breakpoints into C- and S-shapes.

A glimpse of a new automation feature in action

  • It is now possible to transform automation horizontally and vertically: upon creating a time selection inside an automation lane, handles will appear, which allow to stretch / scale the selected automation.
  • It is now possible to edit the value of an automation breakpoint or segment using a context menu and keyboard. While hovering over a breakpoint or segment, right-click and press the new “Edit Value” context menu item to make the automation value box editable. Enter a new value and confirm the entry either by deselecting the value display box or hitting the Enter key.
  • When hovering over an automation and a ‘preview’ breakpoint is shown, users can right click and access an “Add Value” context menu item. The new breakpoint can then be added with the entered value.
  • When right-clicking on an automation lane, the context menu now reveals a number of pre-defined shapes that can be inserted into a given time selection. If no time selection exists, the length of the shape corresponds to the current grid quantization.
  • In Automation Mode, clip fades can be viewed and edited while holding down the “F” key.
  • Added buttons to the Envelopes box for Session clips to toggle between automation and modulation envelopes in the Clip View. Modulation envelopes in Arrangement clips can now be accessed directly via the clip envelope chooser. Previously, they were only accessible through a parameter’s context menu. Modulation envelopes now appear in a modulation-specific color. Also, the LEDs in the clip envelope choosers now show whether a parameter is automated, modulated or both.
  • When drawing non-quantized automation (using draw mode with a disabled grid) or recording a continuous stream of value changes, Live now creates ramps instead of small discrete steps, to avoid unwanted zipper noise. Note that this excludes parameters that require discrete steps, e.g. pitch, on/off switches or choosers.
  • When drawing automation with a deactivated grid, Live will insert fewer breakpoints and tries to use curved segments whenever possible. This will significantly reduce the overall amount of breakpoints and makes it easier to edit the automation envelope afterwards. This also applies to drawing modulation, except when the parameter type doesn’t support it.
  • Added a “Simplify Envelope” command to the context menu of automation envelopes within a time selection, which removes unnecessary breakpoints and tries to use curved segments whenever possible to allow easier break-point editing.
  • When clicking on a control in a clip’s Sample Box in the Clip View (e.g., Clip Gain) the corresponding modulation envelope will be selected and displayed in the Clip Envelope Control chooser.
  • In automation envelopes, the strength of S-Shapes that were inserted via the context menu can be adjusted with the Opt/Alt curve modifier.

Track freezing with sidechains:

Freezing tracks that contain sidechain routing is now possible.

  • Tracks with sidechain routings can now be frozen. Fooking niiicceee 1 maaaate!
  • Frozen tracks now provide Post-FX output routing to other tracks. This allows tracks that are sources for sidechains to be frozen.
  • It is now possible to freeze tracks which contain AU, VST or Max devices that receive audio from another track (sidechains).
  • Live now has a new option in the Rendering Options section of the Export Audio/Video dialog: “Include return and master effects”. If selected, every track will be rendered as if it was soloed and the master track was being recorded. This means that return and master effects are included.
  • When a track with a sidechain is frozen, unfrozen, and frozen again, the track’s audio is now always re-rendered. This ensures that changes in the sidechain source track are considered in the new rendered file.

In addition to the above features we have more …

User Wavetables:

We can now import our own wavetables or any sample into the device.

Channel EQ:

This is a decent addition for quick fixes, or to get a rough idea on mix down – nice simple EQ. The shape of the filters adapts based on how controls are set to always provide musical results.


This merges the Simple Delay and Ping Pong Delay into one and adds feature upgrades, Ping pong behavior, as well as Jump, Fade-In and Pitch controls from those devices are all accessed from the front panel.

Word on the street is the simple delay and ping pong delay will be removed from the browser and replaced with this – makes sense.

So there we have it! A great (not so) little update to Ableton. What do you like about it and do you think there is anything you feel should have been included this time round?

Article by Cal Johnstone

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