2 idiots book one of techno’s biggest stars…

We caught up with Matthew Khadem aka the artist formally known as MattUK and we got inside his cranium about arguably one of the biggest bookings in the UK next year.

We we’re going to take snippets from this but Matt says it better than we ever could, take a gander…

M – “I had the idea for Small Town Sessions back in August 2015. Decided I was sick of djing in my bedroom and after messaging people trying to get gigs and being ignored I thought fuck this I’ll just set a night up. The idea was to just market the living shit out of it and spend a tonne of money to get nothing back, but create something special in the long run, which I think we’ve achieved. Used to spend a fair bit of coin marketing a little event for 200 people under a pub in St Anne’s but I knew it had to be done to create a buzz. Friends and family thought I’d lost the plot they couldn’t believe I was perfectly ok with the fact that each event was losing thousands, just cracked on though.

SOME IRONY…Went to see Solomun and Dubfire at The Albert Hall. Was stood on that top tier at the back with some lads I knew from St Anne’s…Remember thinking fuck me I’ll probably never get to play in a venue like this! Never thought in a million years that 3 years later i’d be hosting an event there! Funny thing is I still won’t get to play! There’s not enough slots so me and Adam, as responsible owners, have to be the first ones to sit out if there’s not enough room so technically am still chasing the dream haha.

Adams been on board since Christmas 2017. I’d booked Octave One for our debut event in Manchester and I felt like the brand was getting to a level where I couldn’t handle it all alone. We’re equal partners in the business and to be honest without him coming on board we probably would of had to throw in the towel! He knew it was losing money too but he wasn’t arsed, he was as crazy/passionate about it as I was the mad cunt. The Octave One show was class, although their tech rider gave me nightmares for weeks! But yeah great show, we entered Manchester with a bang couldn’t of been better. It was after that booking we decided we didn’t want to make the same bookings everyone else makes, that’s their thing and they do it well but we want to make some bookings that interest us more on a personal level and give our brand some identity. That’s when we decided to book Derrick May for our follow up show at Gorilla, what a night that was! He’s an absolute geezer as well.

So yeah was a bit weird when I realised we could have The Albert Hall if we wanted it. Had to go balls deep and do it right though being an emerging brand with a little less reach than the likes of WHP, we would need someone huge to pull it off. Someone who is known for big sell out shows and hasn’t played Manchester in recent years, who we appreciate as an artist, had to be Bodzin. We’ve done about 22 events in 3 years remember saying to my mate we’ll box off St Anne’s get a following on our doorstep then we’ll move into Blackpool and expand the following round there, and then Manchester and so on. There’s 8 members of STS and although me and Adam own it it’s pretty much ran like a democracy. We discuss everything with eachother. Tempers flare sometimes but we are like family and we all share the same belief in what we’re doing. I reckon that’s rare that to be able to get 8 heads together who all believe strongly about the same thing and all push it together. We look really far ahead as a group and have the same long term goals so it works dead well.”

Adam Harris, Co-owner and wordsmith said – “Being part of Small Town Sessions is an absolute dream, I gained a cuddly Persian brother I never wanted”

All jokes aside, we’ve worked with these boys since day one and are in absolute awe of this booking and can’t wait for it!

Tickets are now live here – https://bit.ly/2LnMpjq